Steel City – bragging rights and a whole lot more..

It’s fair to say that the majority of diehard Wednesday fans with any modicum of common sense or football nous are, for the very first time, fearful of the outcome.

For over a century exchanges of banter ( and at times aggressive & violent behaviour) have preceded what is arguably one of the most passionate & vehemently contested meetings of two local sides on the UK football calendar.

The Owls have always edged out the Blades on and off the field over the years. Blunts have lived in the shadow of Hillsborough’s finest.

This time however the tables are well and truly turned, against a blue & white victory. Blunts are smirking with arrogance ( like the only kid in class who has popped his cherry ) and an inner confidence borne from a phenomenal run of success since they achieved promotion to the Championship. Their attack minded approach has won them an army of new fans as well as points. Blunts now talk about promotion rather than consolidation. Uber ambitious dreams fuel their desire to achieve an historic return to the Premiership, football’s own nirvana, hoping to emulate the success of Manchester City, Chelsea & co.

Well doneđź‘Ź

Time to wake up Blunts!

Your daydreaming stops right here, right now!

There will be no Premiership this season for you.

There will be no massacre of the Massive.

Yes Wednesday have underperformed.

Yes we are languishing in 16th and adrift of the playoffs.

Yes we have played some shocking football at times not fit to grace a Sunday pub team match.

But guess what?

Form is temporary and class is permanent.

Tomorrow night there will be no mercy- no excuses- nowhere to run.

Maybe my common sense and football brain and that of 25,000 plus Wednesdayites goes ” out of the window” at 7.45pm Friday night.

Nevertheless we will not fear defeat. We will not fear Wilder’s boys. We will play to win.

This City is well and truly still ours!


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